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July tax changes and what they mean for you

Income-tax thresholds have changed, and an Early Childhood Education fee rebate is good news for working parents - what does it mean for you?

The core of the 2024 New Zealand Budget is tax relief for working families and restrained public spending. In a climate of anxiety about cost of living and increasing job insecurity, it is hoped that the boosts to the back pocket and to families will inject a bit more optimism in the meantime.

The Back Pocket Boost

Changes to personal income tax thresholds take effect from 31 July:

The Government pointed out in their budget papers that “The current thresholds have been the same since 2010 (apart from a new top threshold which took effect in 2021). As wages have grown over time, people have paid more of their incomes in tax. Increasing the income tax thresholds goes some way towards addressing this.”


FamilyBoost, a new childcare rebate, will become available from 1 July 2024. This initiative is designed to help parents and caregivers manage the rising costs of living, especially when it comes to childcare expenses.


What’s the Deal?


Parents and caregivers can now receive a partial reimbursement for their ECE fees. You can get back up to 25% of your weekly fees, with a maximum of $75 per week. This move is part of a broader effort to support families struggling with high costs in housing, food, and, of course, childcare.


Who is Eligible?


FamilyBoost is available to all families earning up to $180,000 a year who have childcare costs. However, to ensure the support reaches those who need it most, the maximum repayment amount will gradually reduce for families earning more than $140,000. Inland Revenue (IR) will calculate eligibility based on your household income over the past three months.


How Does It Work?


ECE invoices will be submitted directly through IR’s online system, myIR. Parents and caregivers can submit their invoices every three months and receive their FamilyBoost refund as a lump sum. Start collecting your invoices from July 1st, so you can apply and get refunded from October 2024.


Got questions?

If you would like more information about how the new income tax thresholds affect you, please let us know.


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