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10 Things to do right now to come out of lockdown a stronger business

Are you worried about how your business will go after lockdown? Are you just starting up and not sure what you should be focusing right now? Now is a great time to work on your business, rather than in it. Look at this as a silver lining and set yourself up to come out of lockdown stronger.

Action to take right now

  1. Get in touch with your customers - let them know if you are open/closed, and what they can expect from you

  2. Talk to your suppliers about extended payment terms or relief, don't pay your bills before they are due

  3. Review your cashflow to make sure you can look after your staff, and yourself, use your credit facilities if you can but avoid interest & extra fees for paying on credit

  4. Know what you are entitled to - apply for the Wage Subsidy and/or the Resurgence Support Payment (see our separate post if you are not sure what you are entitled to)

  5. Use the time for strategising, set some goals and make some plans for the future

  6. Review and fine tune all your systems, making sure everything is in place so you can come back out of lockdown strong

  7. Talk to your bank if you need financial support

  8. Review your overheads - when you are busy its easy to just keep paying those bills, now is a great time to review what you are paying and see if you can get a better deal

  9. Embrace technology - are there things you are doing manually that might be able to be automated? Implementing new technology could give you back time to spend on doing what you love

  10. Rest! Don't be too hard on yourself and use this time to reflect on your successes and pat yourself on the back for being a superstar business owner. Make a list of the things you do well and keep it handy to remind yourself when times get tough

Small business planning is our thing. We have been through this before and can help you.

If you want more info, or to really get stuck into your business growth, get in contact with us for a free consultation. At the least, it is something to do!


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